Vision, Mission and Values

Founded in 1993, Qingdao Kingking is a large international group focusing on home fragrance products manufacture and sales, cosmetics channel construction, smart retail, and supply chain innovation and application. Qingdao Kingking has successively won numerous honors such as Key High-tech Enterprises of the National Torch Program, Famous Export Brand of China, China Well-known Trademark, and National Advanced Enterprise in Intellectual Property, and established competitive advantages in multiple vertical fields. Over more than 20 years of ups and downs, Qingdao Kingking has been progressing firmly, which cannot have been done without strong support of a profound corporate culture.

Kingking’s culture condenses the wisdom of all Kingking people, reflects Kingking’s invaluable "artisan spirit", and also embodies Kingking’s reverence for nature, insight of users, and commitment to shareholders. In the future, Kingking’s culture will continue to serve as a sharp edge for creating faddish products and leading the industry trend, and to improve itself as the Group expands. 

Our mission
Be sharp at aesthetics and loyal to quality

Since our inception, we have firmly bound fashion trends together with the artisan spirit, always maintaining an elegant taste and a master's spirit. We always hold a lofty ambition: to change the world's understanding of Made in China. Kingking has the courage, determination and perseverance to devote every effort to making superior products, making them worth every penny. As you can see, the glimmering but warm lights or some gorgeous fashion items can always bring hope and satisfaction when people need them most. Such ordinary but great power embellishes our plain life quietly. This is the noble pursuit of our Kingking people.

A wonderful life is not easy to earn. Looking ahead, Qingdao Kingking will continue to refine and integrate those consumer behaviors, lifestyles and inner dreams for beauty into every expansion of business landscape. We will make greater contributions to promoting social civilization and progress, national rejuvenation and prosperity with hard work and unremitting efforts.

Our vision
Care for beauty, pass on healthy concept, and contribute to the wonderful life of the public

Beauty and health are the common pursuit of all mankind. Driven by the "appearance-oriented economy", the beauty health industry has shown great potential for development, and the world is focusing on key areas and weak links to promote its sustainable and healthy development.

Qingdao Kingking brings together the best R&D talents in the industry, accumulates a bulk of franchise brands, explores to reshape the value chain of the eco-economic circle, and creates beauty health industry cluster covering beauty and skin care products, daily chemical products, disinfection products, etc.

At present, the integration and interaction of Qingdao Kingking’s high-quality strategic positioning and unique competitive innovative products have stimulated both the accelerated release of new driving forces and the emotional resonance with shareholders, customers, partners and employees, blowing the bugle call to "build a cradle of appearance-oriented economy in the world".

By optimizing our entire industrial chain, establishing long-term cooperation with partners, and investing in highly automated and R&D design, we strive to provide customers with "beautiful and healthy" products. Our vision reaches beyond daily consumer goods. We hope that with our efforts, we can provide more people with a colorful and wonderful life and contribute our due share to make that happen. 

Our values
Embrace innovation, dare to take responsibility, and pursue excellence

Embrace innovation

This is our wealth accumulated since the first year of establishment. If someone would like to take some time to count the products we have created over the years, it would definitely be a huge and laborious work. Look at that huge museum and you will get the picture. Earthshaking products are created and high-profile technologies are adopted every year, every month, and even every day. People can easily select from our innovative achievements in the market, which makes us excited.

Dare to take responsibility

We drive ourselves to march forward all the time with this mentality of fulfilling our duties. New friends who have just come into contact with us often marvel at the valuable professionalism of our employees who are ready to complete all their routine tasks, be responsible for any positive or negative results, and take the initiative to challenge an unknown field, which has won the praise of consumers, commercial clients, and partners.

Pursue excellence

Everything we do at Kingking is stimulated by our passion for continuous excellence and driven by the eternal commitment to develop the best products and services for the market. Excellence is both the value orientation and goal pursuit of Qingdao Kingking. We require our employees to refuse to be mediocre but to be ambitious; to pursue higher goals, better quality, and better efficiency in their development; and to continuously surpass ourselves and others, striving to achieve new leaps and breakthroughs and to be the leader of industry development and the setter of industry standards, and keeping the enterprise prosperous and lasting. 

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