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Qingdao Kingking (stock code 002094), a subsidiary of the Group, is a listed company with its main business scope covering cosmetics, new material candles and craft products, and general trading. It is a scented candle manufacturer with large scale and outstanding comprehensive strength in the industry.

Through independent innovation, R&D design, enhancement of brand effect, and development of industrial layout, Qingdao Kingking has gradually built a brand image and achieved product differentiation in the daily consumer product industry. Moreover, it has held a dominant position in the segment markets and won the favor of some Fortune 500 companies including IKEA, Action, Next, Walmart and Sainsbury's.

Since our establishment, we have been adhering to the development path of independent innovation to realize leap-forward development through technological upgrades. With a national post-doctoral work station and a provincial research and development center, we are a setter of national and industry standards for the candle industry in China. We have applied for more than 1,800 patents worldwide and has more than 200 designs with registered copyright. More than 2,000 new products are created by Kingking’s R&D Center and Industrial Design Center every year. Firmly holding the independent intellectual property rights of core technology and product design, Kingking has become the compass directing the development of the industry. Since the first use of the “Kingking” trademark in 1995, it has been rated as "China Well-known Trademark" and "Famous Export Brand of China" and registered in more than 20 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Japan. 

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15th-16th Floors, Tower 3, SIIC, 195 Hongkong East Road, Qingdao, Shandong

Address:15th-16th Floors, Tower 3, SIIC, 195 Hongkong East Road, Qingdao, Shandong

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