In 2013, as the original business developed at a steady pace, Qingdao Kingking decided on the big strategy of building a platform of “appearance-oriented economy” around the cosmetics industry chain. After several years of accumulation and innovation, ALLL BEAUTY was launched in 2018, designed to be the largest smart retail sharing platform in China's beauty sector, providing Chinese people with high-quality genuine goods and streamlining the circulation of the beauty industry.

Leveraging the advantage of Qingdao Kingking in its global product supply and procurement resources accumulated in more than 20 years, ALLL BEAUTY invested several billion yuan in omnichannel network and established exclusive strategic cooperation with Tencent to achieve rapid offline and online deployment in the beauty industry. The online "ALLL BEAUTY" mall provides retail services without the limits of location or time, and quickly presents low-cost genuine beauty products through social retail sharing and media matrix distribution; on the offline end, it is a nationwide network of smart retail stores provides customers with intelligent comprehensive and convenient shopping experience empowered by technology, algorithm and traffic.

At present, ALLL BEAUTY is operating more than a dozen categories such as skin care, make-up, fragrance, facial mask, maternal and infant products, covering more than 300 brands and more than 10,000 products. The proportion of imported goods exceeds 90%, and general trade products and cross-border purchase products from high-ends like La Mer and CPB to cheap and popular ones like KISSME and JM, and even Tom Ford and NARS that are seldom available in domestic market, are all included. 

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