Society Contribution

During its development, Qingdao Kingking is always concerned about the national economy and people's livelihood, and actively participates in various social welfare activities, feeding back the society with love and dedication.

We have established a system for the implementation and organization of public welfare planning, clarifying the relevant responsibilities of the company’s Trade Union, General Managerial Office, Administrative Department, Human Resources Department and other departments. The public welfare support is included in the annual comprehensive budget, the implementation is checked at the end of each year, and the public welfare contribution of each department is published internally.

Whenever natural disasters rage, we Kingking people will donate supplies to the affected areas to provide human resources and material support for their reconstruction. In the snow disaster in southern China in January 2008, the Sichuan earthquake in May 2008, and the Yushu earthquake in April 2009, together we donated more than CNY 6 million. In particular, the outdoor wind-resistant candles produced by Kingking brought a brightness to the disaster-stricken areas.

Our senior leaders keep close attention to public welfare undertakings and fully play their role as an example. Chairman Chen Suobin and other senior executives each year use their own wages to sponsor more than 1,000 elementary and middle school students in Jimo City who are excellent in character and learning but with difficulties in life until their graduation from middle school and elementary schools. 

Social responsibility

Qingdao Kingking takes the initiative to assume the social responsibility as an enterprise, and makes positive contributions to the creation of a harmonious society, receiving widespread praise from all walks of life.

Offering disabled people jobs at Kingking has always been the focus of our work. We have also partnered with the Qingdao School for the Blind to donate money and goods to their students and hire excellent teachers to provide skill training and psychological counseling to the children. At the same time, we also actively support the employment of college students. We hold the Kingking Cup "Defrost" event at Qingdao University of Science and Technology, providing more than 200 internship positions for the graduates each year, and helping them achieve an employment rate of 78.8%. In 2010, we were approved by the state to establish a postdoctoral work station, which indicated that Qingdao Kingking became a nationally recognized scientific research and technology center. 

Green development

"Creating a green company and serving as a global citizen" has always been our mission. Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, provide harmless and superior products for customers, and maintain a good ecological environment for the earth.

We constantly improve our daily work to better protect the global environment and assume due social responsibility. We refer to the EU standards (ROHS and WEEE) and use the world's authoritative testing agency, SGS from Swiss, to test the harmful elements (cadmium, lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PBB, PBDE, etc.) in our products, and issue "Hazardous Substance Test Report" and "Hazardous Substance Management Statement" for users to protect their health.

In daily production, we classify and recycle general wastes, and work with qualified manufacturers to recycle hazardous waste to ensure safe disposal and reduce environmental pollution. In 2009, we transformed the sewage treatment equipment, improving the sewage treatment capacity; in 2011, we replaced all fluorescent lamps in the factory and office areas with energy-saving LED lamps, reducing a large energy consumption. In 2013, the construction of the photovoltaic power generation project at the manufacturing headquarters was completed. As a green and clean energy, solar power has saved energy, protected the environment, and achieved a win-win result for both Kingking and the society. 

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